1. Loving every age and every moment of your journey

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  3. Paris

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  7. Potted Plants 

  8. One for the New York Times. Great direction by Minh Uong. 

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  10. Life Is Short, Proust Is Long



    Can “Atlas Shrugged” really be read in a day? A new speed-reading technology promises rates of up to a thousand words a minute: http://nyr.kr/1orlcxJ

    “In at least one way, slow reading is always unreasonable. It denies finitude. ‘Life is too short,’ as Anatole France once put it, ‘and Proust is too long.’ The problem with taking your time is that time runs out.”

    Illustration by Boyoun Kim.

    One for the New Yorker. Big thanks to Jordan Awan. 

    (Source: newyorker.com)